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Ho Municipal is one of the twenty five (25) Municipalities and Districts in the Volta Region of Ghana. The Municipality is also the administrative capital of the People of the Volta Region. The Municipality lies between latitudes 6 ᵒ 207N and 6 ᵒ55; N and longitude 0 ᵒ 127 E and 0 ᵒ 53 E. The Municipality shares boundaries with the Republic of Togo to the east, to the west with Ho West District, to the north with Hohoe Municipality and to the south with Agotime–Ziope. The Adminstrative capital of the Municipality is Ho.

 MCE's Message

As head of the Municipal Assembly backed by my able Heads of Departments, l welcome you to the Ho Municipality, the Capital of the Volta Region.

The Municipality is endowed with rich and enormous deposit of clay which could be exploited as a good link-up in the Housing Sector. Prospective  Estate Developers as well as individuals are encouraged to invest in this sector.

Further the Municipality is an important producer of maize, cassava, yam, and banana as well as Non-Traditional Export crops like pineapple, mangoes, avocado pear. Comm... more »

latest news

Some Civil Society Advocates in Volta Region said it is time the chieftaincy institution is brought from the margins to the centre of Ghana’s Local Government system.

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Other Headlines
GES ceiling on PTA levies justified-Director

Alhaji Mohammed Haroon, Volta Regional Director of Ghana Education Service (GES) on Wednesday said Ghana Education Service was justified in placing a ceiling on Parent Teacher Association (PTA) dues and levies in senior high schools.
Helen NtosoHO:
Govít Is Not Taking Voltarians For Granted

Madam Helen Ntoso, Volta Regional Minister, on Thursday said the region was receiving its “fair share” of projects in areas like roads, health, agriculture and education and was not being taken for granted.
WC toilet facilityHO:
Access to toilets in Ghana still low-Minister

Mr Julius Debrah, Minister for Local Government and Rural Development Wednesday expressed exasperation about the rather slow improvement in the access to toilets by citizens across the country.
National Democratic CongressHO:
Youth votes will decide 2016 elections

James Gunu, Akatsi-North District Chief Executive, (DCE), Thursday observed that votes of the youth swinging whichever way would decide the victory in the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections in Ghana.
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